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Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre

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A journey of learning and discovery at Woolley Firs


Education programmes for Primary Schools

  • A skilled education team will lead your day and engage children’s heads, hearts and hands.

  • Imaginative activities offer links with Early Learning Goals, science and geography and give opportunities for developing literacy and numeracy skills.

  • A wonderful setting on a 300 year-old farm and nature reserve, an education centre in a renovated barn full of exciting resources, and fantastic outdoor learning spaces in our woodland and meadows.


Education programmes for Secondary Schools

  • A level Biology and Environmental Science - If you are interested in bringing A level Biology or Environmental Science students to complete fieldwork on one of our sites please get in touch to discuss options.

What you need to know when you visit

  • We offer fully-led days for pre-booked groups year round.

  • Trips usually run from 10am – 2.30pm but timings can be flexible.

  • We request a donation of £8 per child (or £5 for half-day programmes), adults are free.

  • Minimum donation of £180 per class (£120 for half day sessions). Please note it may not be possible for us to accommodate requests for half day sessions in our peak periods.

  • We are located off the A4, three miles west of Maidenhead. A map and directions can be found at the bottom of the page.

Bee game
Another fantastic day pitched at exactly the right level for our children
Year 2 teacher

Teddy Bears’ Picnic - EYFS and lower KS1

Teddy Bears' Picnic by BBOWT

Children are invited by Teddy Edward to bring their teddies to have an adventure in the woods and learn the secrets of how wild animals survive. Put on a teddy disguise and help save the trees from the woodcutter! Exciting hands-on activities build confidence in being outdoors and help children understand what animals need to stay alive. Create a rainbow teddy using the colours of the woodland to take home.

Sensational Senses - Reception and KS1

Furze Platt School at Woolley Firs by BBOWT

Experience the world through the eyes, noses, ears and paws of different animals. Discover how moles find their way in the dark and learn about sparrowhawks’ keen eyesight. Find out about badgers’ brilliant sense of smell and foxes’ fantastic sense of hearing. Take part in a sensory scavenger hunt or a production of ‘Nature’s Theatre and hold baby insects to see their unusual sense organs close up!

Minibeast Pick ‘n’ Mix - EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Minibeast magic

Meet a medley of minibeasts and learn what makes them different from the other animals inhabiting Woolley Firs.

Early Years options include: bug hunts; stories; learning to care for the little creatures; counting minibeast body parts; and creative fun.

Options for KS1 & 2 include: minibeast identification (keys); lifecycles; pollination; food chains; and adaptations.

Habitat Safari - ​​​​​​​KS1 and KS2

Habitat Safari

Investigate the creatures that live in Woolley Firs’ pond, meadow and woodland. Search for minibeasts with sweep nets and bug-hunting kits and go pond-dipping. Use field guides and keys to identify and classify your creatures. Learn about life cycles, food chains and the adaptations of animals to these different habitats. Alternatively undertake Nature Detective training – hunt for clues and solve a nature mystery in the woods.

Fancy Plants and Tremendous Trees - KS1 and KS2

Forest walk

Learn about the lifecycle of plants: explore the woodland to find seeds and discover how they are dispersed; make a paper pot and sow seeds (watch them grow at school); learn about the parts of a plant; dissect flowers to find eggs and pollen and then dress up as a bee to pollinate a flower. Take part in the ‘Secret Names of Trees’ identification game using Smartphone keys.

Our Farm: Crops, Seeds, Birds and Bees - Upper KS1 and KS2

Walking to the farm

Find out about food production on the 300 year-old Woolley Firs farm & discover how the farmer helps wildlife and why wildlife is so important to the farmer. Play ‘farm bingo’ on a guided farm tour. Go bird-spotting, be a bee, see our crops growing and pick your own. Make muesli & see how cooking oil is made. Have a go at worm-charming or meet the minibeasts that live in the farmer’s fields and hedges.

Amazing Adaptations - Upper KS2

Evolution and adaption

Head out for some detective work - search for clues about how Woolley Firs has changed over time – from a tropical ocean to a land trodden by woolly rhinos and now to an arable farm. This investigation provides the basis for a series of hands-on workshops looking at animal and plant adaptations so students can answer questions such as ‘why are sundews sticky? Learn about great tit song – an example of modern-day ‘evolution in action’ and how to ‘ape’ our closest animal cousin – the chimpanzee.

Sweep netting
Today was better than Legoland!
Year 2 pupil

Booking a trip is easy!

  • Contact us on berkshireeducation@bbowt.org.uk or 01628 829 574 x 214
  • Discuss your topic choices and confirm the date/s with us.
  • We’ll send out your booking pack, containing a booking form, risk assessments and location map.
  • Complete the booking form and send it back to us before you visit.

Where to find us

We are located just off the A4, three miles west of Maidenhead at:

Woolley Firs Environmental Education Centre, Cherry Garden Lane, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 3LJ

Find us on GoogleMaps.

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The transformation of this derelict Grade II listed stable block into a modern all-purpose education centre was possible thanks to the generosity of a number of Wildlife Trust members and funding from grant giving bodies and charitable trusts.

Heritage Lottery Fund
Landfill Communities Fund
Natural England