Hedgerow Havens

Hedgerow Havens

Yellowhammer in hedge by Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Hedgerow Havens project 

Making space for wildlife 

Hedgerow Havens is a joint project between the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and Buckinghamshire Council that aims to conserve farmland species in the area around Aylesbury. By working with local landowners and parish councils, the project will improve the quality of 'linear' habitats like hedgerows, field margins, ditches, road verges, watercourses, scrapes and ponds on farms and in villages.

'Linear' habitats like hedgerows, road verges and ditches are home to many different species, as well as providing corridors for wildlife to travel along. Hedgerows alone support 21 species listed on the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), a register of threatened species, while road verges in the UK are home to over 720 plant species. By restoring existing linear habitats and creating new ones, this project will conserve and protect the wildlife that calls them home.

Hedgerow havens project area map

Map showing primary focus area for the Hedgerow Havens project (brown) and secondary focus area (red).

How the project works

  • we offer practical assistance and advice to local landowners and parish councils

  • we administer grants to local landowners and parishes who are willing to sign up to new, wildlife friendly methods of management

To find out more about the project, contact marcusmilitello@bbowt.org.uk

Find out how you can get involved

Graphic showing progress on the hedgerow havens project
We have created 5 new wildlife ponds

How you can get involved

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering opportunities vary from hedge laying and planting during the autumn and winter months through to hedgerow and bird surveys during the summer. 

There will be regular opportunities to carry out surveys and practical work. At present these are every other Monday, along with other ad hoc days.

Local parish groups

As part of the project we are also looking to set up locally led parish groups to carry out conservation work on parish green spaces and local farms.

If you're from in or around the project focus area, are interested in any of the above and would like to find out more, please email marcusmilitello@bbowt.org.uk


Case studies

Find out more about Hedgerow Havens work in Whitchurch, Weedon and at Rectory Farm by following the links below.


Find out more about the habitats that the Hedgerow Havens project works to conserve.


These habitats are home to lots of different species of plant, bird and mammal, including threatened species. Find out more about the different species that the project aims to conserve and protect.

Farmland birds

Other species

As well as farmland birds, lots of other species use linear habitats to feed and breed. These include rare butterflies like the black hairstreak.

Our project partners


This project is a partnership between the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and Buckinghamshire Council.