Volunteer awards

Volunteer awards

Awards are presented at our AGM where we recognise outstanding individual and group contributions and present lifetime achievement awards. 

The volunteers awards recognise and celebrate all the hard work our volunteers across the three counties do throughout the year, every year, in all weathers, giving so generously of their time and skills.

“Without the dedication and commitment shown by all the volunteers we are celebrating today, this Wildlife Trust would not be able to meet our vision of an environment rich in wildlife, valued by all.”
Barbara Muston presenting the 2018 awards
Chair of the Board of Trustees, BBOWT

Meet the winners!

2018 winner

For their Outstanding Individual Contributions

Adrian Bayliss has spent an incredible number of hours observing the breeding activity of key bird species at College Lake. Thanks to Adrian’s dedication, we have been able to get accurate numbers about the breeding success of all five of our key breeding species for the last three years. This data is vital for our habitat management. 

Judith Bishop is a long standing volunteer who assists our membership team. She is never daunted by the amount of membership packs she has to process! She has become a valued member of our membership team and we sincerely appreciate her volunteering with us. 

Stuart Edwards has been an active volunteer with the Trust for more than six years. Volunteering at Woolley Firs, he has helped us to implement our grazing plan across multiple sites. He has also helped us to fulfill our stewardship obligations, which has enabled us to bring this work in house with a considerable financial saving for the Trust. 

Rick Saunders began volunteering with BBOWT in 2010, and immediately brought to the team his passion for conservation, learning, and supporting others. He has participated in just about every type of practical task there is including surveying, handling grazing animals, felling and fencing – and writing articles for the Oxford Mail! 

Val Siddiqui volunteers in the External Affairs team at HQ. She played an important role during the 2017 general election when we were contacting parliamentary candidates. Val’s contribution forms a key part of our advocacy effort to engage politicians and organisations about the importance of the environment. 

For their Outstanding Group Contributions

Bob Evans and Mike Wells volunteer with the Conservation, Policy and Strategy team at HQ. They help support the team with data management and provide technical know-how with data management and analysis. They have each helped immensely with areas of work which the team would otherwise not have the time or expertise to do. 

David Croucher and Malcolm Edwards have volunteered at College Lake for more than eighteen years. They have built, modified and refurbished many buildings to a very high standard. The effect of the projects on the facilities provided for visitors, staff and volunteers at College Lake is immense. 

The Nature Memories Café volunteers welcome people with dementia and their carers to the Nature Discovery Centre in Thatcham each week. The volunteers help up to 30 people at each session to engage in activities that connect them to the natural world. People leave the sessions feeling valued and supported. 

The Oxfordshire Mid-Week Team is a group of around 15 people have who been volunteering for the Trust for many years. This hard working group has dealt with this year’s snow storms and blistering summer heat. They also helped set up and run Countryfile in August. The Reserves Team would not have been able to get this far without our Mid-Week Team. 

The Upper Ray Meadows work party is formed of 16 volunteers who meet weekly and cover nine nature reserves. By installing stock fencing, coppicing and hedge-laying they have helped ensure that our wildflower meadows are in fantastic condition. The hedgerows have been given a new lease of life and are perfect for Brown and Black Hairstreak butterflies. The group assists with the management of sites which up until now we have struggled to maintain.  

The Wild Banbury volunteer group has made a huge contribution towards the conservation of wildlife habitats in Banbury’s public spaces. They are always ready to get their hands dirty and try something new. This year they have helped to restore a pond in icy weather, and worked hard during this year’s incredibly hot summer. 

Lifetime Achievement Awards

George Bray has been an important part of College Lake’s arable project for many years. His specialist knowledge of how to grow incredibly rare plants has helped the project to become nationally important. He has enabled many people to enjoy rare and beautiful species and has also helped to raise awareness of the impacts that intensive farming has had on certain species. 

Martin and Sue Smith have been involved with Hartslock nature reserve and the surrounding area for approximately 30 years where they have carried out orchid counts and helped out at a Local Wildlife Site.  After years with the Hartslock work party, they also became stock-watchers. Come rain or shine, Martin and Sue venture out on their weekly hike up the steep slopes of the reserve to check on our grazing sheep. We are hugely grateful for their many years of help and support! 

Richard Tomlin began volunteering for BBONT in the early 1970s but it wasn’t until he retired in around 2002 that he took on major roles within the BBOWT Chilterns Group. He helps with fundraising, leads bird-related walks, carries out bird surveys at reserves, and designs and produces posters for events. 

Ann Wilson became involved with what was then BBONT in 1965. She became the membership secretary for BBONT when the Trust had just 5,000 members and ran a tight ship for many years, working from her kitchen table. Ann has contributed to BBOWT Chilterns events for 50 years. She is a Trust hero with a lifetime of active support for the cause. 

2017 winners

volunteer award winners

BBOWT Lifetime Achievement Award winners 2017

John Dellow, Dr John Ward-Smith, Anne Booth, Dr Alan Showler, Becky Woodell, Louise Spicer, Mike Turton and Margaret Cochrane received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Len Jessup, Rodney Sims and Richard Hall were recognised for their outstanding individual contributions.

The Bowdown Friday Team, The College Lake and Meadow Farm maintenance team, The Nature Tots volunteer group at Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre (SCEEC) and The SCEEC Friday Volunteers were recognised for their outstanding contributions as volunteer groups.

2016 winners

Derek Emes, Dr Michael Keith-Lucas and Shirley Townend from Berkshire received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Ciaran Kealy from Oxford was voted Volunteer of the Year for his dedication and commitment to the conservation work parties he volunteers with in Oxfordshire.

Woolley Firs Nature Tots Group in Berkshire was voted Volunteer Group of the Year for their professionalism and expertise running popular sessions for pre-school children.

2015 winners

Theale Area Bird Conservation Group, which carries out conservation work at Hosehill Lake reserve was voted Volunteer Group of the year.

Lloyd Garvey from West Berkshire was voted Volunteer of the year for all the many and varied roles he carries out for the Trust.

Roger Frankum, who has retired as warden of Hungerford Marsh after 35 years, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.


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