Ten good things that happened for wildlife in 2018

Wildlife and the environment are facing huge challenges from habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and many other factors but there were some positive stories this year. Here are ten good news stories about the environment from home and further afield.

Good news from beyond Berks, Bucks and Oxon

Plastic pollution hits the headlines

Shocking images of wildlife entangled in plastic in the BBC’s Blue Planet II brought plastic pollution to a global audience. During 2018, companies came under increasing consumer pressure to cut the amount of single-use plastic and improve recycling of the plastics that they produce.

Could you use less plastic in 2019? Here are some ways to cut your use of plastic.

How to use less plastic 

Plastic pollution

More protection for Local Wildlife Sites

Following a campaign by The Wildlife Trusts that was supported by 25,000 people, the government published a revised version of its National Planning Policy Framework, which included some reinstated protection for Local Wildlife Sites, such as Yoesden nature reserve (pictured).

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign.

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Find out more about Local Wildlife Sites in Berks, Bucks and Oxon.


Justin Warhurst

The new Agriculture Bill could see farming that works with nature

The government published its Agriculture Bill in September. The new bill gives politicians a chance to make dramatic changes to the UK’s agriculture policy so that we don’t have to choose between wildlife and food production. Farming that works with nature makes sense – for now and for the future. 

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Brown hare

Brown hare by Ian Boyd

Thousands of people walked for wildlife

Thousands of wildlife-lovers, including BBOWT staff and supporters, gathered in Hyde Park on Saturday 22 September for Chris Packham’s Walk for Wildlife.

The walk ended at Downing Street where Chris Packham delivering the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife to Number 10.

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Social media gave Iceland's banned Christmas TV ad an audience

Earlier this year, the supermarket Iceland announced it is banning palm oil in its own-brand products. Palm oil is a complicated issue but raising awareness of its impact seems complicated too. Iceland found its Christmas advert about rainforest destruction, orangutans and palm oil banned from TV for being “too political”. 

Good news from Berks, Bucks and Oxon

Breeding success at Greenham Common

A pair of little ringed plovers at Greenham Common reared a chick for the first time in five years.

Ground-nesting birds, such as little ringed plovers, are very sensitive to disturbance during the nesting season so it was great to hear that this pair were successful.

Little ringed plover

Little Ringed Plover by Richard Steel/2020VISION

It was a good year for butterflies

Yoesden, renowned for its butterflies, had a great year for most butterfly species, particularly the rare Adonis blue. 

One survey in July revealed a remarkable second brood of more than 500 common blues!

Adonis blue

Blooming lovely orchids

This summer we counted 18,000 orchids at Aston Clinton Ragpits. Thank you to everyone who helped us count them!

This old chalk pit has become a haven for wild flowers, butterflies and other wildlife since BBOWT began looking after it more than 20 years ago.


More homes for dormice

This autumn we raised nearly £40,000 to help look after and create new habitats for dormice and other precious woodland wildlife.

Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Dormouse video Gerald Kingfishers

Inspiring the next generation

"Today was better than Legoland!"
Year 2 pupil

12,000 schoolchildren were inspired by nature at our education and environment centres across Berks, Bucks and Oxon.

Through our heads, hands and hearts approach to environmental education we inspire tomorrow's wildlife champions.

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Schoolchildren at Woolley Firs by Ric Mellis

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What will 2019 bring for the natural environment?

You can help us make 2019 better for wildlife by taking part in The Wildlife Trusts’ Campaign for a Wilder Future.

Campaign for a Wilder Future

Here are some other ways to reduce your impact on the environment day-to-day.

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