Wildlife Gardening Podcast

Wildlife Gardening Podcast

Red-tailed bumblebee on bird's foot trefoil by Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Welcome to BBOWT's podcast about helping wildlife in Berks, Bucks and Oxon.

Have you got a question you'd like answered about wildlife gardening, or suggestions for future topics? Pop them in the comments or share them with us on social media, tagging @BBOWT and #BBOWTpodcast, and we'll try to get them all answered in future podcasts.

All about hogs!

This week Ed, Kate and Tara are chatting all things hog. Find out how to make your garden perfect for hedgehogs, what you should feed them and why they need our help.

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Wildlife Gardening Podcast Week 5

Go wild in June!

This week Ed and Andy are joined by Claire, BBOWT's Education Manager at College Lake. They chat about connecting to nature using your head, heart and hands, and the importance of our education work, inspiring the next generation to care for the natural world.

June is a perfect time to stop and notice nature around you, especially if you take part in The Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild challenge. Find out more about the challenge, what you need to do and why it's great for your wellbeing by listening to this week's episode.

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Wildlife Gardening Podcast Week 4

All about ponds

This week we're joined by Kate Sheard, Community Wildlife Manager in Buckinghamshire, and we're talking all things ponds. Find out why adding a garden pond is one of the best things you can do for wildlife at home, how to add a pond no matter the size of your garden, perfect plants for ponds, and the ferocious predators that could be lurking at the bottom of the water!

BBOWT's Wildlife Gardening Podcast Week 3

Say no to the mow!

This week we're joined by Katie Horgan, Rough Around the Edges project officer, and we're looking at the importance of wild flowers, from flower-filled road verges to wilder patches in your own gardens. So, put the lawn mower away, sit back and find out why protecting our local wildlife is just as important as conserving elephants and tigers.

BBOWT's Wildlife Gardening Podcast Week 2

The return of the swifts

This week it's all about birds, from the joyful sound of screaming swifts returning, to the beautiful dawn chorus and how to help your garden birds (plus escaping meal worms!). Join Andy, Ed and Liz as they chat about one of their favourite subjects.

BBOWT's Wildlife Gardening Podcast Week 1

Introduction to wildlife gardening

This week we're joined by Liz, Andy and Ed in their homes around Oxfordshire. Find out what they do for BBOWT, where their love of wildlife came from, what they've seen on their patch this week, and what does wildlife-gardening actually mean.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and have a listen.

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