Sign up for a really wild June!

Sign up for a really wild June!

A family walks outdoors as part of The Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild nature challenge. Credit Evie and Tom Photography.

Kick off your wildest June with a Big Wild Breakfast! See what else is happening this month and download your free placemat.

The Wildlife Trusts' president, Liz Bonnin encourages all of us to take the 30 Days Wild challenge this June!

It’s nearly here! The country’s biggest nature challenge 30 Days Wild starts on Tuesday!

What better way to start your wild June than with a Big Wild Breakfast? Most of us can probably agree that a cup of tea tastes better outside so on Tuesday 1st June, you are invited to kick start your 30 Days Wild by taking your breakfast outside.

Whether in your garden, your local park or simply on the sofa with the windows open, the Big Wild Breakfast is a great opportunity to enjoy your cereal with the sparrows, your bagels with some buttercups, our your porridge with the pigeons!

While your enjoying your breakfast, we are encouraging people to see how much wildlife they can spot in 30 minutes as a breakfast 'bio-blitz'.

One of the highlights of 30 Days Wild is the Big Wild Weekend. From 18th to 20th June you can celebrate with a range of events from celebration of wildlife literary works through to a Big Wild Quiz. The star of the Big Wild Weekend is on Saturday 19th June. The Big Wild Campout proves to be a fantastic chance to get involved and get closer to nature! Keep an eye on the website for more details!

30 Days Wild is such a great opportunity to get involved with your local Wildlife Trust. It’s also a fantastic chance to get outside and explore your local area and see what wildlife is out there.

You don’t need to be an expert to get involved and any nature-related activities can count as part of your random acts of wildness.

One of my favourite parts of 30 Days Wild is the opportunity to notice the exciting wildlife dramas that play out on our doorstep on a daily basis. So much of our common garden wildlife is often overlooked and 30 Days Wild really helps encourage us to take a closer look at what’s living in our local areas!

family walk

From hunting kestrels to butterflies lounging in the sun, there’s so much out there to see and lots of it can be seen without having to go too far from home! I also love the chance to get closer to nature, whether enjoying a nice walk in the sunshine or recreating my childhood by climbing a tree or splashing about in a muddy puddle!

Whether you’re taking a walk round your local area, doing a bit of wildlife friendly gardening or just sitting under a tree enjoying being outside, 30 Days Wild is such a great reason to get out and about. 

With over 100,000 people already signed up to take part in this year’s 30 Days Wild, 2021 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for wildlife! If you aren’t already signed up, you can still register here:

Sign up for 30 Days Wild today!