Round-leaved fluellen

Round-leaved fluellen

Round-leaved fluellen ©Dr Malcolm Storey

Round-leaved fluellen

Scientific name: Kickxia spuria
A 'weed' of cultivated and disturbed ground, Round-leaved fluellen is a trailing plant with round leaves and yellow flowers that appear over summer.

Species information


Height: 25cm

Conservation status


When to see

July to October


Round-leaved fluellen is an annual of cultivated or disturbed ground, and is found on light, chalky soils in the south of England.
Growing horizontally along the ground, it has rounded leaves and small, yellow flowers that appear from July to October. It is considered a weed of arable land.

How to identify

Round-leaved fluellen is a creeping, hairy plant, with rounded leaves on trailing stems. Small, yellow flowers, with a purple upper lip, spring from the axils between the leaves and the stem.


Mainly found in Southern and Eastern England.

Did you know?

The flowers are easier to spot in the stubble once the crops have been harvested.

How people can help

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