Our events refund policy & procedure

Corvid-19 event cancellations: All events to the end of April have currently been cancelled and participants contacted and offered a refund. As we are unaware how long this situation will last we are not offering transfers at this time. We will be honouring refund requests for two months following the event date, after that they will be considered a donation.


BBOWT will only offer refunds if an event is cancelled by BBOWT. In this case all attendees will be contacted and offered the choice of a full refund or a transfer to tickets of equal value. If the events team have not had a response within 24 hours a full refund will be issued.

In the event of sickness, booking error, or last minute changes on the part of the attendee BBOWT will not offer a refund. In this instance, as a goodwill gesture, we are able to arrange a transfer to a ticket of equal value but this is at BBOWT's discretion and subject to another event having available tickets/places. We will not offer transfers if making contact after the event has taken place.

The events team must be contacted in the case of an event transfer to process the ticket changes. If you wish to transfer your ticket to an event of equal value please email events@bbowt.org.uk with the full details of your current booking and the event you wish to transfer to.

If you have any further questions regarding our refunds policy please email events@bbowt.org.uk