Calvert Jubilee

Jim Asher

Calvert Jubilee

A lakeside sprinkled with wild flowers - a haven for birdwatchers with tufted duck, kingfisher and common tern.


6.5 miles east of Bicester
OX27 0BQ
A static map of Calvert Jubilee

Know before you go

22 hectares

Entry fee


Parking information

Small car park opposite Greatmoor Sailing Club. Parking also available on opposite side of road to reserve.

Grazing animals


Walking trails

Bridleway and board walk


Flat; mostly bumpy but there is a flat surfaced path leading to the hide; gate, steps, bridges


Guide dogs only


Bird hides

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

December to August

About the reserve

Water wildlife

This tranquil Buckinghamshire reserve is a delightful place to watch wintering wildfowl such as mallard, tufted duck and pochard.

Its large 'lake' was created by clay extraction for the brick industry. Later, part of the site was a municipal rubbish tip. Steep banks were carefully sculpted to form shallows in front of two bird hides while the creation of three floating raft islands have enabled common terns and waterfowl to nest away from local foxes. There are also kingfishers here. In winter, a lucky birdwatcher might see bittern, smew, scaup, goldeneye, goosander and glaucous gull.

Listen out for chiffchaffs, blackcaps and willow warblers. Dense reedbeds have been planted at the shallower, northern end of the lake, and a small pond has been created to attract frogs and other amphibians.

Flowery scrubland

The scrubby area around the lake contains a surprising range of wild flowers, including delicate orchids. The flowers support a range of butterflies including the grizzled skipper and green hairstreak. 

Please note that swimming and fishing are not permitted at this nature reserve.

Updates about the High Speed Two rail project

Latest news, 17 May 2019

BBOWT has denied contractors working on behalf of HS2 access to Calvert Jubilee nature reserve to carry out clearance works until they produce a scheme of works and mitigation that addresses our concerns and respects the needs of wildlife. Their works to create new habitat to compensate for habitat that will be lost as a result of HS2 should take place well in advance of any clearance works. The risk is that habitat is destroyed, HS2 is scrapped, no new habitat is created and we will have lost precious habitat and species for nothing. BBOWT strongly opposes HS2’s plans as they currently stand.

Latest news, 19 February 2019

BBOWT has received notice from High Speed 2 (HS2) that they intend to carry out clearance works at Calvert Jubilee. We have met with representatives of HS2 to make it clear that the scale and timing of the works will have a devastating effect on wildlife. We have also sent a formal letter to HS2 requesting specific details of the areas to be cleared, how this clearance will take place and the mitigation that will be put in place to compensate for the damage to wildlife.

We believe that the works will cause unnecessary and unwarranted destruction of important breeding and feeding habitats for a range of species. We therefore strongly object to the proposals as they stand.

If we do not consider that the mitigation proposed by HS2 is adequate we will, to the extent relevant legislation allows us to, refuse access to BBOWT’s land until HS2 produce a scheme of works and mitigation that addresses our concerns and respects the needs of wildlife.

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