Fun things to do at your local nature reserve

Kicking leaves by David Tipling/2020Vision

Our wonderful supporter Aoife (9) shares all the fun things she's found to do at the C.S. Lewis nature reserve with her mum Imogen. We think everybody could give these a try - whatever your age!

Hi there, I am 9 years old and I love to go to the nature reserve with my mum and look at all the nature. My favourite things to do are: running up and down hills, finding fungi, and taking photos. My mum’s favourite things to do are: looking at the sunlight on the trees and lake, taking photos and listening to the sounds of nature.

This is what we take:

  • A rucksack
  • A water-bottle
  • A camera
  • Waterproofs (just in case!)
  • Nature identification leaflets

Here are some of my favourite challenges for you to do at your nearest nature reserve:

1. Find some funky fungi.

To find fungi, look for rotting wood or log piles. Here is a bracket fungus, there are lots of these at the C.S. Lewis nature reserve. Can you find some?

Bracket fungus at C.S. Lewis nature reserve

Bracket fungus at C.S. Lewis nature reserve

2. Catch an autumn leaf

Stand under a large tree with loads of leaves. When you feel a breeze, see if you can catch one!

Autumn oak leaf

Oak leaves

3. Create art with things you find in the forest.

Find some colourful leaves and a few acorns and create something! Don’t forget your camera (to take photos of your artwork) or you can find a nice leaf to trace over with a pen. And leave everything behind so the squirrels can have the acorns and the worms can have the leaves!

Leaf rubbing

4. Run down a really steep hill.

Find a nice hill to run down and run down it! (the C.S. Lewis reserve is on a hill) You will need good non-slip shoes for this challenge.

Hill at C.S. Lewis nature reserve

The hill at C.S. Lewis nature reserve

5. Be really quiet...

...and stand very still to listen to the birds because if you wear jeans or are munching a wrapped snack you will make a noise so you can’t hear them.

Woods at C.S. Lewis nature reserve

Enjoy your time outdoors and please remember to take your rubbish home - THANK YOU!

and thanks to Aoife and her mum Imogen for sending us this wonderful blog!