Family activity: snail racing

Which are faster, snails or slugs? Set up a race and find out!

Tamara sets up a snail race track and shares all sorts of fascinating facts about molluscs while the race slowly unfolds in her video below.

Slugs and snails can usually be found in dark, damp places. Handle them gently and keep them in the shade. Only keep them for 15 minutes before putting them back where you found them!

You will need

  • A smooth surface, something like a plastic box is good
  • Dry wipe markers to draw the race track
  • Small damp pieces of paper to mark the snails without harming them
  • Some leaves to tempt the snails to the finishing line!

What kinds of snail did you find?

Snail detective spotter sheet

We'd love to see what happened in your race!

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