What would wildlife wish for in 2019?

What would wildlife wish for in 2019?

Here are five wishes that some of our local wildlife might make if they had a voice. What do you think wildlife would wish for?

Redwing by Margaret Holland

"I wish all the hedgerows would be left uncut over winter so I have lots of berries to eat to help me survive the cold."

Water vole

Water vole by Tom Marshall

“I wish for more grassy banks beside canals and rivers where I can burrow to make a home and raise my family.”

Bird bath

Garden bird bath by Margaret Holland

" I wish for clean, fresh water as well as bird food in gardens this winter.” 


Dormouse by Zoe Helene Kindermann

“I’m wishing that lots of coppicing is carried out this winter so there will be an abundance of shoots, insects and fruits for me to feed on next year.” 


Mallard entangled in plastic rubbish by Magnus Manske

"I wish people would throw their litter in a bin or take it home with them."

Wildlife wishes

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Three ways you can give wildlife a voice


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