Family activity: How to make a bark rubbing

Notice all the different textures of tree bark by making a colourful rubbing
Bark rubbing

To make your bark rubbings, you will need:

  • crayons 
  • plain paper
  • access to a couple trees (i.e. in your garden, on a walk, etc.)
Bark rubbing

Step 1

Remove any packaging from your crayon. You will need the long edge (not the pointed tip usually used for writing). 

Bark rubbing

Step 2

Find a tree with interesting bark.

Bark rubbing

Step 3

Hold the paper against the bark, and then rub the paper with the long edge of the crayon. You may need to press harder to capture the bark’s interesting features. 

Bark rubbing

Step 4

Write what type of tree it is. Repeat steps 2-3 with different trees to compare their bark texture. 

How many different types of tree can you find in your garden or a park near your house?


Did you know every single oak tree is like a mini nature reserve - these incredible trees can support up to 350 different species!

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