Vote for nature

Vote for Nature

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Vote for nature in the general election

Nature doesn’t have a vote, so the Wildlife Trust is speaking up for all local wildlife and the local environment. In the general election on Thursday 12 December 2019, 21 members of parliament will be elected across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

We believe everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife in their daily lives. Everyone needs a future where wildlife and people thrive, together. This general election is a chance to turn around the climate and ecological emergency, and give our declining wildlife a helping hand. We need legislation that properly protects wildlife and the natural world.

That’s why The Wildlife Trusts are calling on all prospective MPs to make this pledge:

    I pledge to back an ambitious new Environment Act with legally binding targets to restore nature, a powerful, independent environmental watchdog, and a Nature Recovery Network to protect and join-up important places for wildlife.

    More about the Pledge for Nature

    1. Legislation must include a framework for legally binding targets, with robust mechanisms for delivering, monitoring and reporting on them, including through five-year milestones.
    2. The environmental watchdog must be truly independent, fully funded and have powers to hold public bodies to account.
    3. Legislation must enable the creation of a Nature Recovery Network to protect and join-up important places for wildlife and ensure all public bodies have a duty to contribute to its delivery. 

    Our natural world is in deep trouble. We’re facing a climate and ecological emergency. Wildlife is in serious decline, constrained to shrinking, isolated pockets, and the UK has become one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.  By protecting and restoring our natural world we can ensure wildlife populations recover, we can help soak up carbon to tackle future climate change and we can enable our landscapes, cities and towns to cope with the changing climate, by holding water, providing shade and absorbing pollution.  We can increase everyone’s access to nature to improve our mental and physical health. 

    How can I make sure wildlife has a voice in the general election?

    This is your opportunity to demand that nature and the environment is a priority for the government. Please ask your local candidates to sign the pledge.

    1. Find out who your candidates are

    To find out who your candidates are, take a look at Who Can I Vote For. You can also look on your council website and in your local press.

    2. Ask your candidates to sign the Pledge for Nature

    If you speak to your candidates on the doorstep, at a meeting or hustings, or if you contact them by email, please ask them to sign the Pledge for Nature.

    (You can find out which prospective MPs have already signed the Pledge for Nature here.)

    3. Quiz your candidates about what else they'll do for nature

    If you want to quiz your candidates on what they'll do for nature beyond signing the pledge, we've put together a few quick questions you can ask them:

    1.    How will you and your party act decisively to tackle the crises in the natural environment?
    You could also ask: Will you and your party commit to an Environment Act that creates connections for wildlife and tackles nature’s decline head on? (If so, have they signed the Pledge for Nature?)

    2.    What will your party do to support farmers in contributing to nature’s recovery?
    If you want more detail, ask them: Will you and your party introduce an Agriculture Bill that pays farmers for helping wildlife’s recovery and other positive environmental actions?

    3.    What will your party to do tackle the climate and ecological emergency? 
    More specifically: Will you and  your party tackle the climate and ecological emergency by promoting nature based solutions, including the creation of new carbon sequestering wildlife habitats across your area?

    Make a bigger splash – share these questions with others who care too!

    4. Print our poster

    The Wildlife Trusts have produced a poster to help you talk to candidates - it contains our three key asks and some questions you can you as a prompt to help ask candidates key questions about their plans if they are elected. You could also display it somewhere visible so candidates can see it when they are canvassing in your neighbourhood.

    Download the poster

    If you are a candidate in the December 2019 general election, you can find out more about signing the pledge here.

    Find out who has signed the pledge


    Liz Hind - Labour


    Tim Bearder - Liberal Democrat

    Ian Middleton - Green Party

    Suzette Watson - Labour


    Dominic Grieve - Independent


    Kaweh Beheshtizadeh - Liberal Democrat

    Paul Bidwell - Labour


    David Morgan - Labour

    Greg Smith - Conservative

    Chesham and Amersham

    No candidates have signed


    Laura Coyle - Liberal Democrat

    Jo Robb - Green Party


    Emily Tomalin - Green Party

    Milton Keynes North

    Catherine Rose - Green Party

    Milton Keynes South

    Alan Francis - Green Party


    Lee Dillon - Liberal Democrat

    Steve Masters - Green Party

    Oxford East

    Anneliese Dodds - Labour

    Alistair Fernie - Liberal Democrat

    David Henwood - Independent

    David Williams - Green Party

    Oxford West and Abingdon

    Layla Moran - Liberal Democrat

    Rosie Sourbut - Labour

    Reading East

    David McElroy - Green

    Reading West

    Rachel Eden - Labour

    Meri O'Connell - Liberal Democrat


    Delphine Gray-Fisk - Brexit Party


    Richard Benwell - Liberal Democrat

    Jonny Roberts - Labour


    Wisdom Da Costa - Independent

    Peter Shearman - Labour


    Rosa Bolger - Labour

    Charlotte Hoagland - Liberal Democrat



    Kizzi Johannessen - Green Party

    Phillip Lee - Liberal Democrat

    Annette Medhurst - Labour


    No candidates have signed

    Pledgers from previous elections

    Find out which councillors and candidates have made a pledge for nature in previous elections

    Stonechat by Ben Hall/2020VISION

    May 2019 local elections

    Click on the council name to see a list of the councillors and candidates that have signed the Pledge in the May 2019 local elections.

    Bracknell Forest Borough Council

    Central Sandhurst

    • Michael Brossard - Conservative
    • Mike Forster - Liberal Democrat

    College Town

    • Nick Allen - Conservative

    Great Hollands North

    • Mary Temperton  Labour

    Great Hollands South

    • Derek Florey - Green Party

    Wildridings and Central

    • Thomas Parker - Liberal Democrat

    Cherwell District Council

    Banbury Ruscote

    • Sean Woodcock - Labour

    Milton Keynes Council

    Campbell Park and Old Woughton

    • Peter MacDonald - Conservative
    • Terry Baines - Conservative


    • Vanessa McPake - Liberal Democrat

    Reading Borough Council


    • Dr John Grout - Liberal Democrat


    • Isobel Ballsdon - Conservative


    • James Moore - Liberal Democrat


    • Josh Williams - Green Party


    • Jamie Whitham - Green Party


    • Rachel Eden - Labour

    Slough Borough Council


    • Safdar Ali - Labour

    South Oxfordshire District Council

    Benson & Crowmarsh

    • Andrea Powell - Green Party
    • Sue Cooper - Liberal Democrat


    • Robin Bennett - Green Party

    Sandham & the Wittenhams

    • Sam Casey-Rerhaye - Green Party


    • Sue Roberts - Green Party

    Vale of White Horse District Council

    Abingdon Abbey Northcourt

    • Helen Pighills - Liberal Democrat

    Abingdon Caldecott

    • Mike Badcock - Conservative

    Abingdon Dunmore

    • Andy Foulsham - Liberal Democrat

    Abingdon Fitzharris

    • Eric de la Harpe - Liberal Democrat
    • Rob Maddison - Liberal Democrat

    Blewbury & Harwell

    • Sarah Medley - Liberal Democrat

    Botley and Sunningwell

    • Debby Hallett - Liberal Democrat
    • Emily Smith - Liberal Democrat


    • Judy Roberts - Liberal Democrat
    • Alison Jenner - Liberal Democrat

    Great Farringdon

    • Bethia Thomas - Liberal Democrat

    Kennington and Radley

    • Bob Johnston - Liberal Democrat
    • Diana Lugova - Liberal Democrat

    North Grove

    • Ronald Batstone - Liberal Democrat


    • Max Thompson - Liberal Democrat


    • Paul Barrow - Liberal Democrat


    • Philippa Roberts - Liberal Democrat

    Wantage Charlton

    • Andrew Crawford - Liberal Democrat

    Wantage and Grove Brook

    • Amos Duveen - Liberal Democrat


    • Val Shaw - Liberal Democrat


    West Berkshire Council


    • David Hancock - Labour


    • Alex Carter - Green

    Burghfield and Mortimer

    • Royce Longton - Liberal Democrat


    • Jackie Paynter - Green Party

    Central Newbury

    • Mark Beach - Labour
    • Caroline ffrench Blake - Labour
    • Andy Moore - Liberal Democrat

    Chieveley and Cold Ash

    • Jill Hoblin - Green Party
    • James Thomas - Green Party
    • David Lister - Liberal Democrat


    • Gary Puffett - Labour

    Hungerford and Kintbury

    • Denise Gaines - Liberal Democrat

    Newbury Clayhill

    • Lee McDougall - Labour

    Newbury Greenham

    • Matthew Lowe - Green Party


    • Matt Shakespeare -  Liberal Democrat
    • Suzie Ferguson - Labour


    • Carolyne Culver - Green Party
    • Charlotte Blackman - Labour


    • Steve Masters - Green Party
    • Tony Harris - Liberal Democrat

    Thatcham Central

    • Paul Field - Green Party
    • Dave Burns - Labour
    • Owen Jeffery - Liberal Democrat

    Thatcham, Colthrop and Crookham

    • John Boyd - Liberal Democrat

    Thatcham North East

    • Neale Hall - Labour
    • Lee Dillon - Liberal Democrat

    Thatcham West

    • Susan Turauskis - Labour


    • Chris Ryder - Labour

    Tilehurst Birch Copse

    • Gary Brampton - Green Party

    Wash Common

    • David Marsh - Green Party
    • Peter Tullett - Labour
    • Tony Vickers - Liberal Democrat


    • Elizabeth O'Keeffe - Liberal Democrat

    West Oxfordshire District Council


    • Andy Graham - Liberal Democrat

    Eynsham, Cassington & S. Leigh

    • Dan Levy - Liberal Democrat

    Witney Central

    • Andrew Coles - Labour

    Witney East

    • Duncan Enright - Labour

    Witney South

    • Alvin Adams - Conservative


    Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council


    • John Baldwin - Liberal Democrat
    • Simon Bond - Liberal Democrat

    Bisham & Cookham

    • Mark Howard - Liberal Democrat
    • Mandy Brar - Liberal Democrat

    Boyn Hill

    • Adam Bermange - Liberal Democrat

    Clewer  & Dedworth East

    • Mark Wilson - Liberal Democrat

    Clewer East

    • Karen Davies - Liberal Democrat      

    Furze Platt

    • Derek Sharp - Conservative
    • Catherine del Campo - Liberal Democrat
    • Joshua Reynolds - Liberal Democrat

    St Marys

    • Richard Wawman - The Borough First


    • Simon Dudley - Conservative
    • Rob Castell - Liberal Democrat

    Sunningdale and Cheapside

    • Valerie Pike - The Borough First

    Wokingham Borough Council


    • Gary Cowan - Independent

    Bulmershe  & Whitegates

    • Carl Doran - Labour


    • Kate Haines - Conservative


    • Philip Mirfin - Conservative


    • Lynn Forbes - Independent


    • David Hare - Liberal Democrat

    Thank you very much to all the current councillors who have signed in Buckinghamshire councils. They are not listed above because there will be no elections in Buckinghamshire councils this year.