Campaigning for wildlife

Campaign for wildlife

BBOWT's Matthew Stanton addressing the crowd at Oxford global climate strike.

There are many ways of making change happen and one of these is to lobby your local representative in person and/or in writing. Developing a relationship with your local politicians can be very effective and remember they are there to represent you – it is their job to listen to you!

You can find resources here to help you speak up for wildlife and make your campaigning voice heard.

If you are interested in helping wildlife by lobbying your MP and/or local councillors, please join our Wildlife Ambassadors.

Become a Wildlife Ambassador!

We will contact you with suggested actions, including advice about what you can include in your communications.

We are currently campaigning on the following issues:

Badger in grassland

Badger by Andrew Parkinson 2020Vision

  • The Environment Bill - The Environment Bill is an opportunity to create legislation which will protect nature and reverse the decline in our wildlife. However, the Bill doesn’t yet guarantee Government action.  As part of a coalition of environmental NGOs, BBOWT has been lobbying for improvements to the bill - we’re calling for a change to the Bill to strengthen the law and to guarantee that we reverse the loss of nature by 2030. There must be a legally binding target for nature's recovery.
  • Planning reform - the Government consulted on some proposed reforms to the planning laws last year. We were concerned because we thought the proposals would increase the threat to nature  rather than reduce it. The Wildlife Trusts have called for a new designation – Wildbelt   – which we believe will help to allow nature’s recovery. We expect the Government to bring forward legislation later this year, so keep your eyes open for more campaign actions .
  • Badger culling - despite the Government pledging their commitment to end the culling of badgers and roll out the alternative, more effective and humane measure of badger vaccinations, they are planning to issue further cull licences over the next two years. You can read more about our position on badger culling and our badger vaccination programme here.
  • HS2 - we have been campaigning against this project since 2010, as it poses a serious threat to precious wildlife and habitats. Read the full report and the history of our campaining work here. You can sign a petition created by Chris Packham calling on the Government to stop work on HS2 immediately and hold a new vote to repeal the legislation here.
  • Pesticides - earlier this year a pesticide known to kill bees was authorised for farmers to use on sugar beet crops in England. We asked supporters to sign our petition urging the Prime Minister to reverse this decision and write to their MP. Recently we heard that the authorisation to use the pesticide would not be used this year due to the cold snap making its use unnecessary – however, they could still be used in the future. You can sign the petition here.


Become a Wildlife Ambassador!

Useful resources

Meeting your MP

Adam Afriyie MP meeting local constituent Hannah Needham

Our step-by-step guide to lobbying your MP

Our step-by-step guide to lobbying your local councillor

These blogs describe how wildlife ambassadors have arranged, prepared for and followed up meetings with MPs. They provide plenty of advice about what to do if you are thinking of meeting your MP:

Now's the time to meet your MP by Hannah Needham

How to meet your MP and give wildlife a voice by Val Siddiqui

How to Make Your Voice Heard - Lobbying Your Elected Representatives

You can find out who your MP is  here.

You can find out who your local councillor is here or try going straight to your Council website.

Contact us at  for more advice on lobbying or to let us know what action you have taken and how your MP/councillor has responded.

More ways to help nature in your local community