Green Christmas Tree Sale

Scots Pine by Pete Crome

Scots Pine by Pete Crome

Green Christmas Tree Sale

The annual sale of Scots Pine Christmas Trees, harvested as part of the essential management of lowland heath

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Meeting point

Car park on the Crowthorne to Sandhurst road


11:00am - 3:00pm
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About the event

Decorate your house with natural materials this Christmas.

Scots Pine make wonderful Christmas trees for the house: they don't drop their needles, they smell wonderful and they sometimes come pre-decorated with cones. These trees are cut from local lowland heath nature reserves in order to stop them shading out the heather. 

Also available are willow wreaths and stars, decorative vegetation, FairTrade goods, locally made jewellery, Christmas cards and gifts.




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Trees are on rough grassland; unsuitable for walking aids. However, sales team will bring trees of suitable size to the fence for inspection if asked.

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Free car park

Bicycle parking

chain to post and rail fence

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A person cutting down a Christmas tree
A trailer load of Christmas trees is transported