Wreath Making Kits

A seasonal wreath made from natural materials provided in our Christmas wreath kit.

A seasonal wreath made from natural  materials provided in our Christmas wreath kit. Photo by Andree Church. 

Wreath Making Kits

Please visit our Christmas wreath webpage to find details on how to order a kit and locations and times to pick it up for Dec 2021.

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What your wreath making kit includes:

  • A wreath base woven from willow grown on one of our nature reserves
  • A selection of foliage and other natural items from BBOWT nature reserves
  • All the attachments you need to help secure your foliage and decoration, and make a loop to hang your wreath
  • Instruction sheet
  • Private link to an instructional video to help make your winter wreath

What you need to add:

A pair of garden secateurs or similar for trimming foliage, festive music to get you in the mood, and your favourite seasonal drinks and snacks!

Optional: gardening gloves for handling prickly foliage, any extra decorations you want to add e.g. ribbons, baubles or dried orange slices.


Contact us

Contact email: events@bbowt.org.uk