Robin on a snowy branch

Christmas Robin by Jon Hawkins

Wildmoor Heath Christmas Tree Sale


Wildmoor Heath,

On Crowthorne Road, 1 mile north of Sandhurst Station
RG45 7PW
Get your Christmas Tree from BBOWT and give wildlife some seasonal help too.

Event details

Meeting point

Wildmoor car park on the Crowthorne to Sandhurst road just south of Crowthorne


11:00 to 15:00
A static map of Wildmoor Heath Christmas Tree Sale

About the event

Our Christmas trees are Scots pines, felled as part of wildlife site management. They make excellent Christmas trees and they are less prone to drop their needles than commercial trees. Other festive goods will be available such as mistletoe, holly, wreaths and cards.

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People with limited mobility please contact organiser in advance

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair users please contact organiser in advance

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