Rough Around The Edges update

Katie Horgan

July and August were a whirl of supporting the Wild Parishes webinars and enjoying spending one day a week on site visits and working from College Lake. It’s the small things that count…

That sounds like a bit of a cliché but then my job is all about the small things – from village ponds, to wildflower borders and hidey holes for hedgehogs.

I think the work Kate Sheard, Community Wildlife Manager for Bucks, has put into Wild Parishes underlines how important the small things are, as we have had so much interest from Parish Councillors, Clerks and members of local community groups.

BBOWT and our partners can provide advice and support to anyone wanting to do something for their small patches. One of our key messages is that change can be small – and the steps to get there might be as well – but it all makes a difference.

Slow worms in churchyard

Katie Horgan

It’s not the best photo in the world but the picture above shows exactly why.

One square of roofing felt placed in a Chinnor churchyard revealed at least a dozen fast-moving slow worms hiding out and heating up beneath it.

This, combined with some areas of long grass and the inevitable compost heaps at the edge of the churchyard, is enough to give space for our wild companions. Similar spaces in other churchyards have led to sightings of tiny toads, red admirals, large and small skippers, and an abundance of wildflowers and grasses.

I’m hopeful that the interest in Wild Parishes, and the links I’ve already made with so many great groups will help people to keep making those small steps, and that groups in the Chalk, Cherries and Chairs Landscape Partnership area will continue to ask for support to take them.

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