What to do for wildlife at home

What to do for wildlife at home

Queen white-tailed bumblebee by Nick Upton/2020Vision

With travel limited at the moment, we’re going to focus on things that you can do at home to help wildlife.

Your garden can be a haven for wildlife. Once you start looking you might be surprised by just how many different creatures you find living there already. There are also lots of ways that you can make your garden even more wildlife-friendly. Here are three to try this month.

Plants in pots

Even if you have just a small space or a patio there are simple ways to make it better for wildlife. Adding a few pots or containers to larger gardens is a good way to add some extra interest for wildlife too.

How to create a container garden

Bug hotel

Solitary bees are important pollinators and a gardener’s friend. Help them by making a simple bee hotel for your garden and watch them buzz happily about their business.

How to make a bee hotel

Lettuce growing

You might be thinking about growing some vegetables this year. Here’s our guide to a wildlife-friendly vegetable garden.

Grow a wildlife-friendly vegetable garden


Orange-tip butterfly by Jeannie Debs/Flickr.com

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