How to give your garden birds a home

All you need to provide your garden birds with just the right nest box this spring

14-21 February is National Nest Box Week. If you're planning to add a new nest box to your garden this year, our friends at Vine House Farm have these handy videos for you.

First, choose the right box for the birds that you want to atttract.

Top tip: Choose the right opening

  • 32mm holes for house sparrows and nuthatches
  • 28mm holes for birds including great tits
  • 25mm holes for blue tits and coal tits
  • open-fronted nest boxes for blackbirds, robins, wrens and song thrushes

Next, find the best spot to fix it

Golden rule: make sure your nest box isn't facing direct sunlight

Finally, have a look at these specialist nest boxes for more unusual garden birds

Find out which nest boxes are right for treecreepers, swifts and house martins.

More ways to help your garden birds

While a bird box can offer fantastic homes, remember that hedges and trees are the best natural habitat.

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Great tit

Great tit on peanut feeder by Vine House Farm


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