Family activity: how to make a nature mandala

Family activity: how to make a nature mandala

Get outdoors and collect some seasonal finds, then create a beautiful pattern with what you've found

The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle. The circular shape symbolises how nature doesn’t begin or end, but is always connected. For example, the seasons cycle from spring, through summer, autumn and winter and back to spring again.

You will need:

  • A bag or basket to collect natural materials
  • Scissors
  • A flat surface like a table, tiled or wooden floor, or lawn

Step 1: go on an expedition to collect natural materials for your mandala in your local area or garden. Try to find a few of the same thing as this will help with your shape (for example four pine cones, eight purple flowers). Look out for different colours and shapes.

Only pick flowers from your garden, and only take what you need – leave plenty for pollinators!

Collection of finds

Step 2: when you get home, have a look at what you’ve found! You could sort your finds into different types.

Knapweed and lavender

Optional: if you find something interesting that you don’t know the name of, you could try to identify it. For example, I found some knapweed and some lavender.

mandala centre

Step 3: find a flat surface – maybe a table, floor, lawn or yard. Place one of your finds down first to act as the middle of the mandala, and maybe a few big things to get you going.

Nature mandala

Step 4: use the rest of your finds to make a pattern coming out from the centre. Think about the symmetry of your mandala, making one side mirror the other.

You can keep going until you’ve used everything!

Finished mandala

If you enjoyed making your mandala, you could do it again in a few months, and see if you find different things in a different season.

We'd love to see a photo of your mandala!

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Nature mandala worksheet

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