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Event at Bowdown Woods by Rob Appleby

Take a look at our what's on pages for BBOWT events in the West Berkshire Living Landscape.

Meet the team

Roger Stace
Roger Stace. Linking the Landscape Conservation Officer

Linking the Landscape Project Manager

I have been working on the West Berkshire Living Landscape since 2010 and love exploring the local area. I manage the project, making sure we’re on target and looking for new opportunities. I am also responsible for the practical habitat management work. To link the landscape for wildlife, myself and a large band of volunteers work on private sites as well as key sites like Greenham Common and Bowdown Woods. If you’d like to join us, send me an email.

Jone Ayres

Jacky Akam. West Berkshire Living Landscape Project Manager

Linking the Landscape Community Engagement Officer

I work with local groups from toddlers to teenagers and beyond, including Friends Groups of special places like our Community Orchard. My aim is to ‘infect’ them with my enthusiasm for our corner of beautiful Berkshire and the wildlife that lives here.!

Simon Claybourn

Simon Claybourn. Linking the Landscape Ecology Officer

Linking the Landscape Ecology Officer 

I look after the organising of surveys in the Living Landscape project area. I orchestrate a range of surveys, with help from a lot of volunteers, to assess the health of the landscape. We’ll be out surveying for nightjars, moths and lots of other wildlife. Anyone can attend, so do get in touch if you're interested.

Heathland and Beyond

Heathland by Helen Walsh

In 2013 the Living Landscape team completed a Heathland and Beyond project

West Berkshire Living Landscape

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Greenham Common by BBOWTGreenham Common by BBOWT

The West Berkshire Living Landscape is a land rich with history and wildlife

We are working with West Berkshire Council to create a Living Landscape where people and wildlife can thrive. The project area covers more than 27km2 of lowland heathland, ancient woodland, reedbeds, rivers and streams with Greenham and Crookham Commons at the heart.

West Berkshire Living Landscape map

Linking the Landscape

Is an exciting 5-year project (2013-2018) to connect local people with the extraordinary natural heritage of the West Berkshire Living Landscape, and to link up and strengthen its threatened wildlife habitats.

Find out more about 'Making space for nature', the principles that drive our landscape scale conservation and monitoring work.

Take a virtual tour of Bowdown Woods and Greenham Common. We recommend you have your volume turned up.

Get involved


Experience the amazing landscape right on your doorstep!


Volunteers are vital to the Linking the Landscape project. Our volunteers get involved with:

  • Practical conservation
  • Surveying
  • Events
  • Working with community groups
  • Media and more

Want to volunteer with us?

Fill out our volunteer enquiry form or contact us on 01635 500886 or

You can also sign up to our volunteer e-newsletter.

We also have year-long traineeships.


Join in

With our partners we are delivering exciting projects in the local community:

Want to get involved?

Get in touch with us on 01635 500886 or


Wildlife and Habitats

A few of the habitats within the Living Landscape are:

Heathland Woodland Wetland Grassland. Photo by Rob Appleby. Farmland. Photo by Philip Precey.


The habitats of the Living Landscape are home to many scarce and important species such as:

Adder Barn owl Dormouse GraylingLapwing


Read blog posts from the Linking the Landscape team

Greenham and Crookham Common, Thatcham Reedbeds, Audrey's Meadow and the Nature Discovery Centre are managed on behalf of

Living Landscapes for all

A Living Landscape

Read our recovery plan for nature.

Making space for nature

Sir John Lawton

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