Heathland and Beyond

Heathland by Helen Walsh

In 2013 the Living Landscape team completed a Heathland and Beyond project

What's on

Event at Bowdown Woods by Rob Appleby

Take a look at our what's on pages for BBOWT events in the West Berkshire Living Landscape.

See the West Berkshire Council what's on page for more local wildlife events.

Meet the team

Jacky Akam

Jacky Akam. West Berkshire Living Landscape Project Manager
West Berkshire Living Landscape
Project Manager

I have been working on the West Berkshire Living Landscape for the last 7 years, and I still love finding new wildlife gems in the local countryside. My job is to keep us all on target and heading in the right direction and to budget!

Caroline Temple

Caroline Temple Linking the Landscape Landscape Ecology Officer
Linking the Landscape
Landscape Ecology Officer

My role is to co-ordinate a program of monitoring across the landscape to assess its biodiversity health and the impact of conservation. It is the first of its kind so it’s really exciting. I always need skilled volunteers to help, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Ed Sweetman

Ed Sweetman. Linking the Landscape Community Engagement Officer

Linking the Landscape
Community Engagement Officer

There are lots of exciting projects going on here to help people connect with their local environment and develop a passion for wildlife. I am responsible for these groups and running various sessions and activities for people of all ages. If you want to get involved let me know.

Roger Stace
Roger Stace. Linking the Landscape Conservation Officer

Linking the Landscape
Conservation Officer

I am responsible for the practical habitat management work. To link the landscape for wildlife, myself and a large band of volunteers work on private sites as well as key sites like Greenham Common and Bowdown Woods. If you’d like to join us, send me an email.

West Berkshire Living Landscape

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Cattle on Greenham Common by BBOWTCattle on Greenham Common by BBOWT

The West Berkshire Living Landscape is a land rich with history and wildlife.

We are working with West Berkshire Council to create a Living Landscape where people and wildlife can thrive. The project area covers more than 27km2 of lowland heathland, ancient woodland, reedbeds, rivers and streams with Greenham and Crookham Commons at the heart.

West Berkshire Living Landscape map

Linking the Landscape

Thanks to a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have launched Linking the Landscape: a five year project that aims to link-up the local landscape for wildlife and connect local people with this fabulous resource.

Get involved

Where to go

Experience the amazing landscape right on your doorstep!


Volunteers are vital to the Linking the Landscape project. Our volunteers get involved with:

  • Practical conservation
  • Surveying
  • Events
  • Working with community groups
  • Media and more

Want to volunteer with us?

Fill out our volunteer enquiry form or contact us on 01635 500886 or wbll@bbowt.org.uk.

You can also sign up to our volunteer e-newsletter.

Community groups

With our partners we are delivering exciting projects in the local community:

Want to get involved?

Get in touch with us on 01635 500886 or wbll@bbowt.org.uk.


There are lots of events taking place for all interests and ages.

  • See our what's on page for fantastic family events, guided walks and more.


There is so much to learn about wildlife! Find out about our short courses on offer throughout the three counties.

We also have year-long traineeships.

Ecological principles

Why Linking the Landscape? Find out more about the theory behind our landscape scale conservation and monitoring work.



Wildlife and Habitats

A few of the habitats within the Living Landscape are:

Heathland Woodland Wetland Grassland. Photo by Rob Appleby. Farmland. Photo by Philip Precey.


The habitats of the Living Landscape are home to many scarce and important species such as:

Adder Barn owl Dormouse GraylingLapwing



Living Landscapes for all

A Living Landscape

Read our recovery plan for nature.

A-Z of Wildlife

Photo of Barn Owl

Name: Barn Owl

Scientific name: Tyto alba

Category: Birds of prey

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