Upper Thames Living Landscape

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

The winding Thames at Chimney Meadows by Kerry LockWinding Thames at Chimney Meadows by Kerry Lock

The floodplains of the upper Thames tributaries make up one of the six best wetland areas in England.

The Upper Thames Living Landscape Project covers approximately 2284 ha of riverside land from Lechlade-on-Thames to Northmoor.

Habitats and wildlife

Within the area there are meadows, pastures and wetland habitats interspersed with hedgerows and small pockets of woodland and scrub.

The wide ranging nature of the landscape is ideal for many types of wildlife, including:

What BBOWT is doing

We are working to manage, restore and recreate the charismatic habitats of the upper Thames. We aim to bring back our lost lowland meadows, floodplain grazing marsh, wet woodland and reedbeds for the benefit of wildflowers, wading birds and other wetland species (including people).

  • Across low-lying areas of floodplain, a series of shallow hollows or 'scrapes'  that fill up with water have been created to be used by wading birds,
  • Permanent ponds have been dug to provide an ideal habitat for water bugs, dragonflies and great crested newts,
  • Seasonal ponds have been constructed to provide a wet mud source for house martins to make their nests,
  • We have recently created 70 hectares of meadows. 

What to see and where to go

Find out about Chimney Meadows, BBOWT's Upper Thames Living landscape nature reserve. Walk along the Thames Path there and take in stunning views of one of England's largest remaining wildflower meadows. Visit Chimney's large hide overlooking our newly developing wetland area which provides wonderful vistas of feeding cormorant, little egret and kingfisher.

Get Involved

You can get involved with the Upper Thames Living Landscape Project by:

Living Landscapes for all

A Living Landscape

Read our recovery plan for nature.

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