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Chawridge Bank

This sloping old meadow dotted with large anthills has a variety of wild flowers and a wealth of insects.

An ancient meadow

Devil's-bit scabiousChawridge Bank is a small area of old Berkshire grassland. It lies on the west-facing clay slopes of the Chawridge Bourne valley. Adder's-tongue and pepper-saxifrage are just two of the species found here which show it is ancient, unploughed ground.

Rich plant life

Bluebells flower along the northern boundary, and an old boundary hedge has pollarded oaks and some beautiful field maples. Other trees and shrubs include ash, hawthorn and blackthorn. In 2011, the trust expanded the reserve. The plant life on the extension is particularly interesting with a 'lawn' of devil's-bit scabious and tufts of dyer's greenweed growing on the anthills.

Wealth of insects

The nature reserve has a wealth of insects - a study of dung life uncovered 24 beetle species alone. Look out for the large anthills in the grassland. They take many years to develop and show that the site has not been cultivated. Butterflies include the marbled white and grizzled skipper. Skylarks, green and great spotted woodpeckers, blackcap and lesser whitethroat are among the bird life found here.


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3 miles north of
RG42 6HU
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SP 892 739
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Mar - Aug
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4.50 hectares
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
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Gentle slope; soft ground after rain, uneven with ant hills, gates and steps to bridge
On A330, 1 mile west of Maiden's Green take Nuptown Lane to sharp right-hand bend, after 25m Hogoak Lane byway is signed. Please park at the end of the byway, making sure you don't block this to farm traffic. Follow the byway north for 200m to the reserve entrance. The byway is uneven and can be muddy after rain.
Guide dogs only
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Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT)
Tel: 01628 829574

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