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The Very Hot Snowman is coming to town!

Thursday 14th December 2017

The Very Hot Snowman, a special holiday film produced by the Climate Coalition with renowned photographer Rankin and voiced by singer Liam Gallagher uses the magic of winter to tell the story of the global problems caused by climate change.

Are those daffodils in December?  Sammy the Snowman is noticing many new friends this winter, but he knows they’re not supposed to be awake until spring!

And it’s not just Sammy who’s noticing that things look a little different this Christmas - we're noticing the changes too. Although it might feel chilly outside, in the grand scheme of things climate change is making our home too hot and confusing our seasons.

Sammy the Snowman also launches the Climate Coalition's new citizen science Noticing Change activity which encourages people to talk about the signs of climate change they are seeing in their everyday lives.