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Hydrogen researcher wins Brompton bike in Oxford’s Big Green Treasure Hunt

Wednesday 26th July 2017

Rhiannon Evans, the Big Green Treasure Hunt winner. Pic: Wendy Tobitt

Rhiannon Evans, a researcher in how hydrogen is used as a fuel by bacteria at Oxford University, has won the first prize, a Brompton bike, in the Oxford Green Week and Oxford Festival of Nature’s Big Green Treasure Hunt.

Rhiannon and her husband Leon walked the route of the Big Green Treasure Hunt across Oxford to identify all 12 clues, and discovered more about the sustainable and low carbon aspects of the city than they had imagined!

“We live in west Oxford and pass Osney Lock every day, but had no idea that there’s a hydro-electric scheme on the river. It was really impressive to find out that the City Council has installed solar panels. My research area has links with solar power and it’s good to know that local authorities are leading the way in advocating renewable energy,” said Rhiannon.

Rhiannon is pictured above with her husband Leon (standing left), Neil Clennell (Director of Conservation & Education Oxfordshire for the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust), Jenny Carr, Partnerships and Engagement, Oxford Green Week, Oxford City Council, and Oxford City Councillor John Tanner, Board member for Clean and Green Oxford.

The Brompton bike will be a gift from Rhiannon to her husband Leon, whose workplace is moving to a new location east of Oxford outside the ring road. “It is too far for him to walk, so the Brompton will be perfect for him to cycle and take the bus,” said Rhiannon.

Oxford City Councillor John Tanner said: “I would like to congratulate Rhiannon, our lucky winner, and thank everyone who took part in this year’s Big Green Treasure Hunt.

“Oxford Green Week aims to show Oxford residents that colleges, restaurants, leisure centres and offices are all doing their bit to make Oxford clean and green. We can all help to make Oxford greener by cycling more, saving energy at home or eating less meat.”

The Big Green Treasure Hunt was part of the Oxford Green Week and the Wildlife Trust’s Oxford Festival of Nature. People who took part in the Treasure Hunt also won prizes donated by Oxford businesses and museums at each clue location.