We need your help to save Duxford Old River

A precious missing piece of the Chimney Meadows jigsaw


Thank you so much for helping us to reach our public appeal target of £220,000.

We are thrilled to announce we have reached the £220,000 target of our Duxford Old River public appeal, a month before the deadline! Thank you so, so much to everyone who has given. Your generosity in helping to protect wildlife for the future is astounding. We are not there yet. The full cost of buying the land is £575,000. We are still waiting to hear back from some outstanding grant applications. None of these are guaranteed. If you would still like to give, or to keep track of our appeal's progress, please click here.

The potential

We have a rare and exciting opportunity to buy a piece of land that has come up for sale on a stretch of the Thames. Duxford Old River is a 113 acre low-lying floodplain containing an ancient meander of the original river Thames.

It slots perfectly into the existing Chimney Meadows Nature Reserve, like a missing piece of a wonderful jigsaw. If we can buy it, we can let mother nature lead the way in making it into a haven for the water voles, otters and wading birds that depend upon quiet and undisturbed places.

The risk

The site has no protection whatsoever. If we can't secure it, there is nothing to stop the new owners to from ripping out the hedgerows that provide ideal territory for bats, small mammals and warblers. The peace and tranquility of this special place could be lost forever. We urgently need your help.

Can you help us secure this precious missing piece of the Chimney Meadows jigsaw?

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We may never have this chance again. Please help us to save Duxford Old River and provide an undisturbed haven for otters and threatened species of wading birds for decades to come.



Please give today to secure the future of Duxford Old River.

If you have any questions about our appeal to purchase Duxford Old River, please take a look at our Duxford Old River Appeal FAQs