Go Wild at Your School

Go Wild at Your School

Outreach programmes for Foundation, KS1 & 2

Why not ‘Go Wild’ in your school grounds with your local Wildlife Trust?

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Family Fun

Nut hunting by BBOWT

We run various family events throughout the year during school holidays.

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For more information about any of our education programmes or to book, please contact us on 01628 829574 ext. 214 or berkshireeducation@bbowt.org.uk

Evolution and Adaption by Ric Mellis

Photo by Helen Walsh

We look forward to seeing your school at Windsor Great Park soon!

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Windsor Great Park Environmental Centre

Woodland fun by Ric MellisWoodland fun by Ric Mellis

A journey of learning and discovery at Windsor Great Park Environmental Centre

Windsor Great Park Environmental Centre is an exciting five year partnership
project between the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and The Crown Estate.

Our new Environmental Centre right in the heart of the Park will allow visitors
to experience the wonderful wildlife and amazing natural heritage in this
unique setting.

Programmes for Primary Schools

Our experiential programmes take children on a journey of learning
and discovery. We provide:

  • Skilled staff to lead your day and engage children’s heads, hearts and hands.
  • Imaginative activities that offer links with Early Learning Goals, Science and Geography and give opportunities for developing literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A wonderful location in a private area within the Great Park, providing indoor and outdoor classrooms for inspirational and exciting activities. Fantastic learning opportunities to be had in forest and grassland.

What you need to know when you visit

  • We offer fully-led days for pre-booked groups year round.
  • Trips usually run from 10am – 2.30pm but timings can be flexible.
  • There is a charge of £7 per child (or £4.50 for half-day programmes), adults are free. Minimum charge of £120 per group.
  • We can accommodate a group of up to around 30 children on any day.

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Our programmes                                         

Windsor Woodland Adventure by Ric MellisWindsor Woodland Animal Adventure - EYFS and lower KS1

Children are invited by Windsor Woodmouse to have an adventure in the woods and learn the secrets of how wild animals survive. Exciting hands-on activities build confidence in being outdoors and help children understand what animals need to stay alive. Follow the paw-print puzzle to find out who is who in the woods, make mini shelters and a sticky souvenir card to take home.


Spectacular seasons by Ric MellisSpectacular Seasons - Reception and KS1

Choose from Spring into Spring, Summer Fun and Getting Ready for Winter. Throughout the seasons, learn about the important changes taking place in the natural world. Be a bird, a squirrel or bee and explore through hands-on activities, role play and games how plants and animals adapt and adjust to the everchanging environment.


Minibeast marvels by Ric Mellis

Minibeast Marvels - EYFS, KS1 and KS2

Meet a medley of minibeasts and learn what makes them different from the other animals that live in the Great Park and why so many of them love to live here.
Early Years options include: bug hunts; stories; learning to care for the little creatures; counting minibeast body parts; and creative fun.
Options for KS1 & 2 include: minibeast identification (keys); lifecycles; pollination; food chains; and adaptations.


Habitat safari by Ric MellisHabitat Safari - KS1 and KS2

Investigate the creatures that live in the pond, meadow and woodland. Search for minibeasts with sweep nets and bug-hunting kits, and go pond-dipping. Use field guides and keys to identify and classify your creatures. Learn about life cycles, food chains and the adaptations of animals to these different habitats. Nature Detective Training is an alternative option – hunt for clues and solve a nature mystery in the woods.


Pretty plants and buzzy bees by Ric MellisPretty Plants and Buzzy Bees - KS1 and KS2

Learn about the lifecycle of plants, find seeds and discover how they are dispersed. Make a paper pot, sow some seeds that will flower for food for the bees (watch them grow at school). Learn about the parts of a plant, play team games to identify some common plants, dissect flowers to find eggs and pollen, and then dress up as a bee to pollinate a flower.


Intruiging trees by Ric MellisIntriguing Trees - Upper KS1 and KS2

Deciduous or Evergreen? Follow our tree trail to unlock the secret names of trees using a key and discover just how different tree seeds can be. Meet a tree, learn about its lifecycle and play the Food Factory Game to understand how trees make their own food and provide oxygen for all animals. Plant a tree seed to grow your very own. Identify the animals that live in the woods, from canopy to leaf litter and deep underground.

Contact us

For more information on any of the programmes or to book please contact us on 01628 829574 x214 or berkshireeducation@bbowt.org.uk.

Where to find us

Windsor Great Park Environmental Centre
Windsor Great Park

The centre is located within Windsor Great Park, accessed at Forest Gate
off the A332 between Windsor and Ascot, SL4 2BY.

Download a map and directions here

Crown estate