Sustainable firewood and charcoal

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Sustainable firewood and charcoal now available to buy at Warburg Nature Reserve

Coppicing has been practised in Britain for at least 6,000 years. This method of woodland management was traditionally used to provide materials for fencing and thatching, and wood for tool handles, spoons, furniture and fuel. Our native wildlife has developed alongside this practice and has become inextricably linked with the habitats they have created.

The traditional management techniques used for the benefit of wildlife creates lots of excess wood, even after we have left plenty of dead wood for invertebrates and fungi. As a result we are now able to offer firewood and charcoal for sale. The money we raise from these sales will ensure the woodland can continue to support wildlife such as dormice, willow warbler and spotted flycatcher. Many species of plant and fungi found in the woodlands at Warburg reserve will also benefit, including primrose, wood anemone and yellow archangel.


Firewood is sold as 10” split logs in net bags (bag size 45cm x 65cm, approximate content 3 – 4 logs), seasoned for at least 6 months.






Sorry Out of Stock. Please contact the reserve if you wish to buy longer logs for cutting and splitting at home.



The charcoal is made on site from a variety of tree species, mainly hazel, lime and silver birch, and comes in bags of approx. 4kg. 

Find out about our charcoal making process.


Cost: £7.00/bag



Please contact the reserve to arrange a collection time. It will also be possible to buy if you are visiting the reserve, dependant on staff availability. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a delivery service at this time.


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