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6 reasons to say 'thank you' for helping BBOWT buy Duxford Old River

Posted: Friday 6th October 2017 by bbowtblog

Duxford Old River by Andrew MarshallDuxford Old River by Andrew Marshall

A big 'Thank You' to everyone who responded to the public appeal for Duxford Old River, 113 acres of farmland, which now forms part of Chimney Meadows nature reserve, and creates the first nature reserve on both sides of the River Thames. Here are six reasons why the newly purchased land is so important.

1. Duxford Old River is the missing piece of the wildlife jigsaw

Duxford Old River is 113 acres of farmland on a stretch of the Thames. This will slot perfectly into the existing Chimney Meadows nature reserve - just like the missing piece of a jigsaw. 

2. We'll create BBOWT's second biggest nature reserve

Duxford Old River is opposite our 645-acre Chimney Meadows nature reserve. Together, they will create our largest nature reserve in Oxfordshire, making a huge haven for wildlife.

Duxford Old River by Andrew Marshall

3. This will be the first nature reserve to span the River Thames

By adding Duxford Old River to our Chimney Meadows nature reserve we'll create the first nature reserve on both sides of the river, anywhere along the Thames.

Duxford Old River by Andrew Marshall

4. Mother Nature will lead the way and take her course (with a little helping hand)

This is an important chance for Mother Nature to lead the way. Allowing the Thames to flood onto the land and hold water in ponds and pools will provide much-needed and undisturbed habitat for birds such as snipe and teal to overwinter.

Snipe by Roy McDonald

5. Wildlife will be undisturbed in the backwaters

The old river meanders are natural playgrounds for otters and water voles, and safe havens for fish to spawn. The reeds are full of dragonflies and damselflies.

Duxford Old River by Andrew Marshall

6. You have helped to keep Duxford Old River safe from an uncertain future

BBOWT has restored land at Chimney Meadows to its former glory, helping it to become a haven for wildlife. Buying Duxford Old River will safeguard wildlife habitats for perpetuity.

Duxford Old River by Andrew Marshall

The full cost of buying Duxford Old River was £575,000. We raised more than £220,000 from our members and supporters through the public appeal.

We also received generous grants from individual donors, as well as trusts and foundations including: Viridor Credits Environmental Company, The Banister Charitable Trust, The Schroder Foundation, Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment (TOE2) and Grundon Waste Management Ltd. A special thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and players of the National Lottery.

To read more about the appeal, and to find out what we will do with the new land, visit our appeal page.

You can also read the news article about Duxford Old River here.

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