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Teddy Bears Picnic

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Posted: Tuesday 28th May 2013 by bbowtblog

Teddy Bears Picnic by Helen WalshTeddy Bears Picnic by Helen Walsh

If you went down to the woods today at College Lake, you would have been in for a BIG surprise! Sixty, yes, sixty teddy bears were gathered for a picnic - but this was no ordinary picnic.

Taking part in one of our many environmental education programmes, sixty reception children had come with their teddies to discover the four secrets of animal survival in the wild:

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Air
  • Food.

Now the teddies were well aware of these basic needs as bears have survived in the woods for hundreds of years. Sadly, humans have been far too concerned with their own needs and sometimes forget that they must share this beautiful planet with other creatures.

Teddy Bears Picnic by Helen WalshWhile the teddies went off exploring, Edward, Chief Bear and some of his helpers, Claire, Anne, Catherine R and Catherine B took the little humans off to learn about the four secrets.

They learned through play the importance of trees for shelter, food and clean air; but also that sometimes we use wood for things that we need. They promised to protect the trees and made it really difficult for the woodcutter (Claire in disguise) to chop all the trees down. The little humans learned that creatures like bears will not survive if we take away all their shelter and food and decided it would also be wise to plant some more seedlings for the future!

A nature walk in the woodland proved a delight to the senses. The children used their sense of smell in the herb patch, matched coloured rainbow chips with flowers and leaves in the wild life garden and were treated to nature’s concert in the clearing.

At lunchtime, the cheeky teddies were nowhere to be seen but after following their trail of paw prints through the woodland and deciphering clues, the children found them in a clearing tucking into their lunch!

The sun shone down as sixty excited children and teddies shared stories of their adventures and munched through their sandwiches.

BBOWT’s environmental education programmes give children opportunities to experience nature, to learn about wildlife and to understand what living creatures need to thrive.

The education team at BBOWT aims to turn children onto the natural world by: immersing them in nature, helping them to understand their connection to the natural world and their impact and role within it.

It is well documented that children who have free play in nature at a young age are more likely to retain a connection to nature in adult life.

These children are the future stewards, carers, scientists and parents and will ultimately be responsible for safeguarding the future of wildlife and nature. They will teach and inspire the next generation, they are the next wildlife champions...

Anne Jackson by BBOWTWritten by Anne Jackson, Developing Green Talent trainee, based at College LakeHLF logo

I deliver education programmes to schools, organise events and work with a team of fantastic volunteers to look after the nature reserve.

The Developing Green Talent project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund


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