Pledge for nature

Sign the Pledge for Nature

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Are you a current councillor or a candidate in the May 2021 local elections in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire?

Sign our pledge for nature and make a promise that you will take action for nature.

Are you a candidate in the May 2021 local elections?

Ask your candidate to sign the pledge

If you are not a candidate in the May 2021 local election, you can still vote for nature. You can ask your candidate to sign our pledge, or see who has signed it already. Find out more.
Please enter the name of the ward in which you are a candidate.

The pledge for nature

"I pledge that if elected I will work to ensure that my council adopts a target of 30% of land being well managed for nature by 2030."

Steps to achieve this include:
- council to declare an ecological emergency
- council to maximise opportunities for wildlife on road verges and green spaces
- council to stop routine and unnecessary use of chemicals harmful to nature
- council to influence landowners, developers, business and communities to maximise opportunities for nature

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