Winter birds identification poster

Amazing bird identification poster

Identify the winter birds in your garden with this amazing poster


Spotting sheet

Male and female birds - spotting sheet

Download our male and female birds spotting sheet and see how many of them you can spot in your garden.

Gardening for wildlife

Wildlife gardening

By gardening sympathetically for wildlife, you'll be rewarded by a truly natural outdoor space.

Wild info: garden birds

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

A bright-eyed robin hopping across your lawn, a squabbling group of starlings flocking to your feeder or the chirruping song of a chaffinch: birds are entertaining and colourful visitors to our gardens.

Declining numbers

Many of our once familiar garden birds are now disappearing. The number of starlings, for example, has dropped by over 80% since 1979. Loss of habitat mean that birds can struggle to find food, particularly in colder weather.   

Gardens are essentialRobin in garden

The total size of all the UK’s gardens is bigger than all our National Nature Reserves put together. These gardens create a patchwork of habitats that link up natural spaces in the countryside. By managing your garden in a way that is sympathetic to wildlife, you can help provide food and shelter for birds. 

In return, birds bring colour, movement and song to your garden.

Where to see birds

Our reserves provide essential habitat for birds to feed, mate and nest. Visit any of the places below and see how many birds you can spot.

Support our work

We manage our nature reserves in a way that is beneficial for local wildlife, including birds. By supporting our work you can help us create a resilient and healthy environment within which wildlife can move freely. 


Dig a pond

Dig a pond

Ponds support a greater diversity of wildlife than any other garden habitat. Find out how to create your own pond, whatever the size of your garden.

Help the bees

Bee by Gilliane Sills

Bumblebees and honey bees are declining in the UK, endangering the food chains that depend on them. We can all help reverse this trend.

Find out how

Buy bird food from Vine House Farm

Feeding garden birds by

Vine House Farm is no ordinary bird food supplier. The farm is managed in a wildlife-friendly way and as much bird food as possible is grown in the local area and packaged on-site.

What’s more, 5% of every purchase made by a customer living in our area is donated to BBOWT.

To order online, visit the Vine House Farm website or telephone 01775 63020.