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Please join your local wildlife trust today

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January 2017. Currently there are no vacancies on the BBOWT board of Trustees

How we recruit our Trustees

BBOWT aims to follow the highest standards of governance in its operations and has put in place a formal process for recruitment of its Trustees, following best practice and guidance provided by the Charity Commission and the National Council of Voluntary Organisations.

The legal provisions relating to Trustees are set out in Section 3 of BBOWT’s Articles of Association. Trustees are appointed for a three-year term by resolution of the AGM. They may stand for further terms but re-election is not automatic.

The Board has delegated responsibility for managing the recruitment process to the Nominations Committee. The Terms of Reference of the Nominations Committee describe the recruitment process in detail.

Every year, the Board undertakes an audit of the skills and experience of the Trustees, in order to assess whether these meet the needs of the Trust. Having identified the skills and experience it needs, it then invites applications through Wildlife News, the BBOWT website, social media and trustee recruitment agencies.

BBOWT’s objective is to have a diverse Board with a broad range of skills, capable of governing the Trust effectively. The Board must be big enough to include all the skills and experience it needs but not so large as to inhibit effective discussion and decision-making. In accordance with Article 3(a), the number of members will be no fewer than 8 and no more than 15.

Once the Nominations Committee has completed its procedure, it will make recommendations to the Board, which will decide whether to support the candidature of any applicants at the Trust’s AGM.

In accordance with Article 3(b), BBOWT members may put themselves forward to the AGM independently, provided they are nominated and seconded by two other members and they submit their nomination in the prescribed manner by the deadline date (on or before 4 weeks after the publication of the Trust’s audited accounts or 6 weeks before the AGM, whichever is earlier). However, in order to help the Trust comply with best governance practice, any member who is interested in becoming a Trustee is advised to apply through the formal Nominations Committee procedure.

At the AGM, BBOWT members elect Trustees to fill the vacancies arising.

If the number of people proposed for election as Trustees exceeds the number of vacancies, the election may be conducted by ballot (by post or electronic means) prior to the AGM. The result will be announced at the AGM.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in being a trustee, you can read and download the Trustee Role Description, visit the Trustees page and find guidance from the Charity Commission.

To find out more about the important work we are doing for wildlife and the environment, you can read the Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (available to download from the Publications page). Use this link to access our latest Annual Review, Annual Report and Accounts, Wildlife News and other publications.