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Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Wildlife under pressure by Paul HobsonWildlife under pressure by Paul Hobson

With ever increasing development pressures across our three counties, we have to ensure that wildlife and ecological networks are fully considered within the planning system.

Inappropriate development can have a significant impact on wildlife; while considerate planning can help protect, enhance and even create new habitats.

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust gives wildlife a voice by:

  • responding to strategic planning consultations, such as Local Development Frameworks, Local Transport Plans, and Minerals & Waste Plans, to make sure that appropriate policies are in place for protecting wildlife,
  • commenting on certain types of planning applications where there is potential for significant effects to wildlife. These effects may be negative, but there may also be potential for building in benefits for wildlife,
  • providing advice to, and consulting with, planners, developers and consultants,
  • providing advice to members of the public.

For more information please contact the Conservation Officers on 01865 775476 or

Current planning issues:

High Speed Rail 2

The Government has proposed a new high speed rail line (HS2) from London to Birmingham, the route passes through Buckinghamshire and a small part of Oxfordshire.

Read more about High Speed 2 on our campaign page.

Dartford warbler by Vicky NallEU Habitats and Birds Directives

We are very concerned about the Government’s proposed changes to the Habitats and Birds Directives, EU legislation that has helped to protect special areas such as the Thames Basin Heaths for wildlife. Find out more on the EU Habitats and Birds Directives page.

Oxfordshire minerals planning

BBOWT believes that priority should be given to reducing demand for minerals.

Download BBOWT's position statement on strategic minerals planning in Oxfordshire (August 2010)


In 2008 we succesfully campaigned against a proposed eco-town close to Woodsides Meadow.

In 2009 the government announced that one of the first eco-towns would be built North West of Bicester. We are working closely with Cherwell District Council to ensure this development is beneficial to wildlife.


The processing of waste, by any means, causes significant environmental and social costs.  

Download BBOWT's Incinerator Position Statement (Oct 2008)


Abingdon Reservoir

Thames Water believe that a significant increase in their water storage capacity is necessary. The option of creating a reservoir south west of Abingdon has been explored. BBOWT, along with other organisations, have been consulted about the potential impact on wildlife.

Download BBOWT's position statement on Abingdon Reservoir (November 2010)