Vote for Nature

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Please join your local wildlife trust today

Early bumblebee by Jon Hawkins/Surrey Hills PhotographyEarly bumblebee by Jon Hawkins/Surrey Hills Photography

Nature doesn’t have a vote, so the Wildlife Trust is speaking up for all local wildlife and the local environment. Will you help us speak up for nature in this General Election?

We’re fighting for nature, and we’re calling on future MPs to take their local environment and nature seriously.

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) has written to all our Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to tell them about the state of nature in their constituencies. We believe that nature’s recovery starts here, where people and wildlife thrive together.

You may read manifestos and meet candidates as they campaign on issues they feel are most important. If they are going to take nature seriously they need to know that you do, and why the local environment matters so much to you.

BBOWT is asking all the local candidates to tell us what they will do for nature and the environment in their constituency.

Scroll down to the next section to read what the candidates have told us, and make your own judgement on what they will do for nature if they are elected. We haven't received information from candidates in the Bracknell, Buckingham, Wokingham and Windsor constituencies.

We need our MPs to:

  • Secure the benefits of current environmental laws as the UK leaves the EU, and to pass an ambitious new Environment Act
  • Introduce new policies and investments that improve water and air quality through better land management
  • Secure the UK’s global climate industry

This is your opportunity to demand that nature and the environment is a priority for the next Government.

BBOWT has prepared a summary of relevant sections of major party manifestos. Read it here.

Review your candidates’ manifestos, leaflets and websites to see if nature, environment or wildlife feature. When you meet candidates ask them to set out their environmental credentials; we've prepared a few questions you might like to ask (see below).

If you meet your previous MP, ask them if they signed the Greener UK Pledge for the Environment earlier this year, calling on the Government to secure a healthy future for people and the environment.

1. Recent reports show we are losing one species a month in the UK.
What will you do as an MP representing me to help reverse that decline? What will you do to ensure that protection for the environment is maintained after the UK leaves the EU?

2. A rich countryside promotes a healthy society.
How will you make sure we can all get access to wildlife-rich green spaces?

3. Greening our towns and cities is good for people and wildlife.
What will you do to ensure we can maintain green spaces, especially in new developments around our towns and cities?

4. As the UK leaves the EU, agricultural subsidies will change.
Will you fight to ensure that agricultural subsidies are paid to landowners who look after their land to benefit the public, ensuring that things such as wildlife protection and natural flood protection are promoted?

5. Two parliamentary committees have already said we need new legislation to protect the environment.
Will you campaign for a new Environment Act?

Prospective MPs have told us what they will do for nature if they are elected. Click on the constituency name below to see a pdf with the responses that we have received so far. More will be added as we receive information.

Aylesbury;   Banbury;   Beaconsfield;   Chesham & Amersham;   Henley;   Maidenhead;   Milton Keynes North;   Milton Keynes South;  Newbury;  Oxford East;   Oxford West & Abingdon;   Reading East;   Reading West;   Slough;   Wantage;   Witney;  Wycombe

Local candidates put nature on Port Meadow at the heart of the Election

Three local candidates: Marie Tidball, Labour, Oxford West & Abingdon, Artwell, Independent, Oxford East, and Dr Kirsten Johnson, Lib Dems, Oxford East joined wildlife supporters and local people on Port Meadow to make a heart in the buttercups.  See our video below and read more on BBOWT News.

BBOWT has sent this letter by post or email to all our Prospective Parliamentary Candidates. We’ve told them about the state of nature in their constituencies, and asked them to tell us what they will do for nature if they are elected.

Their responses are above. If your constituency isn't listed, we haven't heard from the candidates yet; but we've reminded them to send us their comments soon!